NSFAS Payment Schedule 2023

There are millions of students in South Africa whose studies cycle is dependent on the NSFAS Payment Schedule. These days they are waiting for their NSFAS allowances so that they fulfil their desired study, travelling allowance and food needs. Many students are depressed due to the delay in the payment of NSFAS allowances.

NSFAS Payment Schedule 2023

NSFAS plan the schedule for the monthly payment of allowances so that students get their allowances on time and manage their monthly expenses easily. The payment dates depend on the allowances and university or college. The payment dates are pre-determined and scheduled according to the semester system (whole year payment is divided into 2 instalments like semesters).

NSFAS payment dates are finalized on the basics of the academic calendar. Each month student receives funds according to the financial needs and funding category that may be increased or decreased. Most probably you receive your funds within the starting 10 days of each month.

NSFAS allowance payment dates 2023

As the students are paid for 10 months of a year, there are 10 cycles of payment. The first 5 cycles are paid in First Semester and the rest Five are paid in Second Semester. The NSFAS allowances payment date of 2023 is as follows;

Semester Cycle Payment Date Campuses
First Semester 1 Monday, 06 Feb 2023 All Campuses
First Semester 2 Monday, 06 Mar 2023 All Campuses
First Semester 3 Monday, 03 Apr 2023 All Campuses
First Semester 4 Tuesday, 02 May 2023 All Campuses
First Semester 5 Monday, 05 Jun 2023 All Campuses
Second Semester 6 Monday, 03 Jul 2023 Medical School
Second Semester 6 Friday, 07 Jul 2023 Other Campuses
Second Semester 7 Tuesday, 01 Aug 2023 All Campuses
Second Semester 8 Monday, 04 Sep 2023 All Campuses
Second Semester 9 Monday, 02 Oct 2023 All Campuses
Second Semester 10 Monday, 06 Nov 2023 All Campuses (Final)

NSFAS Payment Dates 2023 TVET College

The TVET college payment dates are also scheduled according to the academic calendar. As the colleges start the student receive their first payment in February and onwards student receive their payment before the 10th of each month. The allowances are processed and added to each student’s Mynsfas account e-wallet. Keep an eye on your payment dates so that you don’t miss it. Because if you don’t receive your allowances payment then your allowances are debited to your e-wallet of NSFAS. Also Check NSFAS progress.

NSFAS Payment Schedule 2023

How long does NSFAS fund you?

National Student Financial Aid Scheme give a chance to the poor and needy students for the fulfilment of education dream. NSFAS pas the personal care, travelling or accommodation and studies allowances for the 10 months of a year. These allowances are paid on the first week of every month.

NSFAS support you by providing financial aid for a maximum of five years. After that, you are responsible for your all expenses. If you complete your degree in 3 to 4 years then NSFAS will financially support you for the next 2 years. The N+2 rule is only applicable if you need to repeat a course or you enrol in a course for 2 or fewer years. Read the procedure of NSFAS Appeal.

As an NSFAS allowance receiver, you must have to stay up to date about the NSFAS Payment Schedule. Because this schedule is helpful in payment receiving. The allowance payment date depends on the type of allowance and the institute in which you enrol. But mostly the allowances are paid at the start of the month. You have to receive your allowances on time otherwise they are debited to your NSFAS e-wallet.

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