How Long Does NSFAS Take to Respond

Many students in South Africa rely on NSFAS funds. That’s why students often wait for approval and think when will nsfas respond? If you are also one of them then stay here and clear all your queries. We will inform you about the response time, common reasons for delay, and all the related queries.

How Long Does NSFAS Take to Respond?

This a common question Many students wonder, How long nsfas take to respond? when applying for financial aid in South Africa. Many students apply for NSFAS funds every year and don’t know how much time it takes to respond. That’s why they wait for a response.  But don’t worry after the submission of the funding application NSFAS takes 4 to 6 weeks to respond to you. The processing time of the application may be longer if it’s the peak time of the year. Your application status is the response to your application. You can check it through your NSFAS account. The status shows that the application is accepted or rejected.

NSFAS will respond to you only if your application is properly filled out and all the required documents are attached. Your application is successfully submitted and then approved. Whereas NSFAS will not respond to you if the application is incomplete and the provided information is incorrect. Read and understand NSFAS N+2 Rule.

How Long Does NSFAS Take to Respond

Common Delays in NSFAS Responses

NSFAS tries its best to respond to the funding application on time. But some factors may affect the response time and it may be delayed due to some common issues. Some common issues of delays are the following;

  • Incomplete Documents

If your documents are incomplete and you submit the application. Then NSFAS will contact you and ask for additional or required documents. After that NSFAS waits for the documents and the application response may be delayed.

  • Communication Issues

Sometimes the applicant and NSFAS face communication difficulties resulting in a delay in application response. Try to provide the correct details of the contact number so that you will respond to them on time.

  • Verification Process

All the information that is provided in the application is verified by the NSFAS. Fill the application with the accurate information. If the information is not accurate then it takes time to respond.

  • High Application Process

At the period of peak applications, NSFAS will receive a large number of applications, and NSFAS workload may increase. Resultantly processing may be delayed. You can also follow nsfas status check using id number.

What to Do If You Haven’t Received a Response

Don’t panic if NSFAS doesn’t respond to you. Just follow these steps if you haven’t received a response;

  • Verify Application Status

Check the status of your application through the NSFAS portal or by contacting them by call or email. Maybe some issue that needs your attention.

  • Update Contact Information

Update your email and contact number if needed. Because NSFAS will contact you if any issue occurs. If the contact information is accurate then they can easily contact you.

  • Seek Assistance

You can also get assistance from the NSFAS by calling and verifying the problem. If there is any problem, then they guide you and provide you with all information.

  • Explore Alternatives

If you are waiting for a response from NSFAS then see another option of funding. Support your education with a part-time job or apply for a scholarship.


When does NSFAS respond to applications?

After 4 to 6 weeks of application submission, NSFAS will respond to your application. It may be accepted or rejected depending on the application. If the application is complete and accurate then accept otherwise it may be rejected.

When will NSFAS respond to appeals?

when the applicants request for appeal, they will get the response of the appeal within the next 30 days that is 4 weeks. Submit your appeal with the correct email and contact number.

When does NSFAS respond to applications is a common question among the students of South Africa who apply for NSFAS Funding. Students get the application and appeal response within 30 days or 4 weeks. But if it’s the peak time of the application then it may take 6 weeks. All the delay reasons must be in students’ knowledge so that they avoid them. If the student also knows what to do if no response is received from NSFAS then it’s beneficial for them.

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