NSFAS Laptop 2024 Application

The students who want an electronic learning device can apply now. National Student Financial Aid Scheme now provides digital devices to students who are getting higher education and are not able to buy them. Now a day’s laptops become necessary in student’s education. It facilitates the students in online research, creating and submitting assignments. So you get a laptop from NSFAS funds and fulfill your studies needs.

NSFAS Laptop 2024

To qualify for the Laptop initiative the student must have to fall on the eligibility criteria. According to the NSFAS guidelines, the eligibility criteria for students may depend on the following factors;

  • Students must be registered in a government-recognized institution (college or university).
  • Students must be eligible for NSFAS Funds or allowances.
  • Students must enroll in a credited program.
  • The student hasn’t received any laptop or funds for a laptop before.

NSFAS Laptop 2023 Application

How To Order NSFAS Laptop Online?

Students who receive NSFAS funds or allowances are registered in public TVET colleges and Universities. Now they can apply for their laptop by applying to the Online Order Portal of DLD (Digital Learning Devices). Follow these steps for ordering your digital learning device online;

  • NSFAS funded Student

Those students who enrolled in public institutions (government institutes) can apply for digital learning devices. The new and returning students can apply for NSFAS laptops. Must check the date of UJ Online Application.

  • DLD Form Completion

Visit the Financial Aid Office (FAO) of your campus and collect the DLD form. After filling it, submit it to the Office again. Order your laptop from the online order portal of DLD (Digital Learning Device). For this visit the NSFAS official website: www.nsfas.org.za.Your educational institute and the NSFAS team both verify your order and details. After proper verification, they confirm your order.

  • Collection 

After the completion of the application process. Your laptop order is placed and getting ready by the service provider for delivery. After laptop packing you or your institute are called for laptop delivery. Then you can get your laptop from your institution.  

Access your NSFAS status

Getting Your Laptop

Once you are contacted no one can collect your laptop on your behalf. You must be there when the laptop is divided among students. Have to sign the document before collecting the laptop. You must have to fulfill the following conditions to get your laptop;

  • Identification

You have to show your ID card or birth certificate and the institute result or student card as proof. Your ID card or birth certificate proves that you are a South African Citizen and your student card or result proves that you are a student of government government-recognized institute and getting NSFAS allowances. Without these documents, you can’t receive your laptop or Digital Learning Device.

  • Term and Conditions

You have to accept all the terms and conditions that are offered by the institute for receiving the learning device. So if you agree to all the terms and conditions then you are getting your laptop. Also, check the NSFAS Application Opening Date.

  • Laptop Payment

The students that are not NSFAS funded but they need a digital device. So they contact the institute for the laptop but they have to pay for the laptop. Such students can also get a laptop by agreeing to the payment terms and conditions that are defined by the institute. Check the details of NSFAS provisionally funded meaning.

  • Required Documents or Information

The portal requires the following information application;

  • South African ID number.
  • Student Number.
  • Student Contact Details.
  • Name of student’s institute where they registered.
  • Name of Campus and the home address.

Laptops are the basic needs in higher education. So the students need a digital device for the completion of the assignment. That is why the National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides laptops to students and continue their journey of education.

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