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Majuba TVET College is a great place to learn in South Africa. They offer many different kinds of technical and vocational programs to help people get ready for jobs. It’s located in a beautiful area in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal. Majuba TVET College is known for helping people learn new skills and supporting the community. They focus on making education easy to access and high quality. The college has good facilities, teachers who care, and strong connections with industries. Their goal is to help students succeed and make a positive impact on the area and beyond.

Majuba Student Portal

The Majuba Student Portal is like a big online meeting place for students at Majuba Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College. It brings together technology and education to make things easier for students. You can use it to find important school stuff, like class materials and assignments. Plus, you can connect with teachers and other students. It’s easy to use and helps students learn better.

Majuba Coltech Student Portal Login Details

  • Visit the official website via
  • Input your ID Number (for South African ID holders) or Passport Number (for international students).

For New Students

  • If you’re new here, choose the “I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT YET” option.
  • Make sure all information is accurately entered, including a valid National ID.
  • Create a new password according to the portal’s requirements.
  • Confirm your age during the registration.
  • Complete the registration by following any additional prompts or instructions given.

Majuba Student Portal TVET College

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Facilitating Communication and Collaboration

The Portal is really important because it helps students, teachers, and staff talk and work together. Students can talk to their teachers, and hand in their homework. Also, it’s like a big online meeting place where students from all over Majuba’s campuses can connect and make friends. This portal is like the heart of our school’s online world!

Empowering Students

Apart from talking to each other, the Student Portal helps students with lots of other stuff too. It lets students do things like sign up for classes and pay their school fees online. This means students don’t have to spend as much time going to the school office in person. It’s really handy, especially for students who are super busy or live far away from school.

Where Is Majuba TVET College Located

Majuba TVET College is located at 83 Allen Street in Newcastle Central, Newcastle, 2940. It’s in a busy area where lots of people live and work. The college is easy to get to, which is good for students learning job skills. The campus has new buildings and helpful things for students. Being in the middle of town makes it easy for students to go to class and meet people from the community. Look at UP Portal.

To sum up, the Majuba Student Portal is a big step forward in how Majuba TVET College helps its students. It’s like a one-stop shop where students can find everything they need for their studies, talk to their teachers, and get things done like signing up for classes. This portal is really important for making sure students have a great experience at Majuba and that the school keeps being excellent in education, especially as technology keeps getting better.

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