Flavius Mareka Student Portal

Flavius Mareka College is in Sasolburg, a lively town in South Africa’s Free State province. It’s named after Flavius Mareka, who fought against apartheid and was an educator. The college is all about helping students do well in their studies. It started a long time ago and has become a great place for learning. The college cares not only about good grades but also about developing students in different ways. They offer many programs, have dedicated teachers, and modern facilities. If you want a good education and an exciting learning experience, this college is the place to be.

Flavius Mareka Student Portal

The Flavius Mareka Student Portal is like a digital doorway to help students in their studies. It’s the main technology hub for Flavius Mareka FET College. The portal makes it easy for students to navigate through their academic journey. It’s not just a virtual space – it’s a tool to help students communicate, simplify administrative tasks, and get lots of helpful resources. The portal is designed to support students in their learning, providing important information and connecting them with the college community.

How to Login Flavius Mareka Portal

  • Click Here or go to the Flavius Mareka website.
  • Input your username and password.
  • Hit the ‘Login’ button to submit your details.
  • Once logged in, navigate through your dashboard

Flavius Mareka Student Portal

Overview of Flavius Portal

The Student Portal is like a one-stop website that helps students manage different parts of their school life. It’s made to be easy for students to use, bringing together everything they need in one place. This includes important information, a way to turn in assignments, and access to educational stuff. The idea is to make things simpler and more organized for students through this online platform.


The FMS Portal goes beyond the usual by giving students a smooth online experience and a variety of courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics, matching the different interests and academic goals of the students. This article explores the many educational opportunities you can find on the Portal. It shows how the platform helps students discover a broad range of knowledge and skills. Get details about Mut Student Portal.

Flavius Mareka College Contact Details

Contacting Flavius Mareka College is simple! Whether you have questions, need help contact details below connect you with important people at our college. Feel free to get in touch with the specific contacts for different departments or positions. We prioritize good communication at Flavius Mareka College, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

# Position Name Contacts Email
1 Campus Manager Ms E N Mohlaphuli 016 976 0829 [email protected]
2 Academic Head Business Studies Ms. J Human 016 976 0829 [email protected]
3 Academic Head Engineering Studies (Acting) Mr. A Lekote 016 976 0829 [email protected]
4 Manager: Part-time Classes (Engineering Studies Sasolburg Campus) Mr A Lekote 016 976 0829 [email protected]
5 Manager for Part-time Classes Business Studies; ICDL and UPP Ms. S Deacon 016 976 0829 [email protected]
6 Campus Administrator Ms. P Lebesa 016 976 0829 [email protected]

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The Flavius Mareka Student Portal is a really cool and helpful website for students. It helps students do their school stuff easily and quickly. With this website, students can use technology to make their school life better. It connects everyone and gives them information and power. The portal is not just a tool; it’s like a super cool thing that makes education better and more high-tech for the future.

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