Easy Steps for UJ Status Check Procedures

Checking your application status with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is an important part of the enrollment process. Knowing where you stand with admissions allows you to prepare accordingly for the upcoming academic year. The good news is that UJ has made status checks quite simple. This guide will outline the easy steps for checking your UJ application status online.

How To Check Status At UJ?

Let’s get started with reviewing the quick and painless process for checking your UJ status from any internet-connected device.

  1. Go to student.uj.ac.za
  2. Enter your Student Number or ID/Passport Number
  3. Enter the year you applied for admission
  4. Solve the CAPTCHA (those distorted letters or numbers)
  5. Click the “Search” button
  6. You will see your current application status displayed on the page

UJ Status Check Procedures

Admission Statuses And Meanings

Here are the possible outcomes you might see when you check your University of Johannesburg admission status:

Status Meaning
Pending Review Application received; under evaluation. Check back for updates.
Requires Action Some parts of the application need attention. Check for unresolved items.
Admitted Accepted into the program; may have conditions attached.
Provisional Admission Accepted, but specific requirements need to be fulfilled. Check To-Do list and instructor’s requirements.
Cleared Provisional Admission All requirements for admission have been met; admission confirmed.
Ineligible Not meeting minimum requirements for admission.
Quota Filled Program’s admission quota is full; no more spots available.
Canceled Application has been withdrawn.



How do I do a UJ status check?

Just go to the UJ website and find the place where it says “check status.” Then, put in your details like your application number or ID, and you’ll see your status.

What do I need for a UJ status check?

You’ll need to give some info about yourself, like your application number or ID. This helps the system find your application or enrollment.

What if something’s wrong with my UJ status?

If you see something strange or wrong with your status, don’t worry. Just contact the university’s admissions or student services team. They can help fix any issues and tell you what to do next.

When can I check my UJ status?

You can check your UJ status anytime you want, but it’s a good idea to do it when you’re waiting for news about your application or enrollment.

Can I check my UJ status on my phone?

Yes, you can! Just go to the UJ website on your phone’s internet browser and find the status check section. Then, enter your details like normal, and you’ll see your status right there on your phone. Easy!

How long does it take to update the UJ application status?

If you fill out your application online, you’ll get a response saying whether you’re accepted or not within two days. But if you fill out a paper application, it might take up to five working days for you to get the same response.


Keeping track of your UJ status through the simple online procedure ensures you’re informed about the progress of your application or enrollment at the University of Johannesburg. By regularly checking your status, you stay up-to-date with important updates and can take necessary actions promptly. Whether you’re applying for admission or monitoring your enrollment, the UJ status check empowers you to navigate your academic journey with ease and confidence.

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