Exploring Private Universities In South Africa

Universities are places of higher education where a large number of students enroll every year. There are serval government and private universities in South Africa that offer various subjects and they play a vital role in students’ education.

Private Universities in South Africa

If you decide to enroll in a private university then you have a variety of choices. Here is a list of the best private universities in South Africa, have a look before choosing;

Damelin College

The Damelin College is owned by Educor and it stands for Education Investment Cooperation Limited. It is still a College due to the tertiary restriction of government. They offer a variety of courses, diplomas, degrees, and many other higher education programs to students every year. Damelin educates their student face to face, online, and from a distance too.

There are almost 17 campuses of Damelin Colleges in South Africa. Besides these Demelin has 15 other faculties and schools that offer higher education training to the students.  These institutes include information technology, banking, arts, and science schools.

Contact Method Contact Details
Customer Care Line (Office Hours) 0861 338 267
General Enquiries 0860 326 354
Email [email protected]

Helderberg College of Higher Education

The best and oldest College of South Africa is the Helderberg College. It is recognized as a higher education institute by the Council of Higher Education. It is not a Christian College but it has a Christian root. The College offers bachelor’s diplomas and higher certificate programs. It has three faculties that are; faculties of business, arts, and technology.

Telephone Contact Details
From within South Africa: 021 850 7569 / 021 850 7500
From outside South Africa: +27 021 850 7569 / +27 21 850 7500

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Monash South Africa

It is also known by IIE MSA due to its independent property. MSA offers several accredited programs of the Independent Institute of Education that are Internationally recognized by the British Accredited Council. This institute offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and IIE programs. Besides this, they also offer foundation degrees, certificates, and diplomas. They support the faculty of technology, business, engineering, social and health sciences.

Department Email Telephone
General Enquiries [email protected] +27 11 950 4000
Future Students [email protected] +27 11 950 4009

Private Universities in South Africa

Varsity College

Varsity College is one of the best independent institutes of education. Department of Higher Education and Training also registered the Varsity College. It has nearly 8 campuses that are located in different places in South Africa.  From the campuses, they educate a lot of degrees, diplomas, and undergraduate programs to their students. They also offer some short learning courses. Varsity College has 4 other faculties including the faculties of humanity, commerce, Social Sciences, Information, and Communication Technology.

Contact Name Telephone Email
Angelina Moshou T. +27 87 703 1899 [email protected]
Tel: 010 224 4300

Qualitas Career Academy

It’s the best College that provides quality education to its students so that they fulfill their career dreams. It is accredited by serval institutes including SSETA, UMALUSI, and MICT SITA. The academy offers various certificates and undergraduate programs through its Academy of Business and Technology, Health and Wellness Academy, and School of Architectural draughtsmanship and Construction. The College degree is achieved by the completion of a full-time program and the certificate is received by the completion of a part-time program.

Contact Us
Tel 051-447 5412
Email [email protected]

CTU Training Solutions

It’s an institute that provides the professional skills that are relevant to the industry work. This training solution is accredited by MICT SETA (Media, Information, Communication, Technology Sector Education and Training Authority). It also facilitates the student through online learning. There are around 14 CTU Training Solutions Campuses in South Africa. Their faculties include business, art & design, engineering, humanity, and information technology.

Talk to Us
Career Chatz: 083 825 9366
Customer Service: 081 750 4563
Short Course Chatz: 083 648 7294
National Contact Centre: 0861 100 395
Email: [email protected]

Foundation for Professional Development

It is also known as FPD, abbreviated as Foundation for Professional Development. It is verified for offering quality academic programs by CHE (Consil for Higher Education) and other higher education departments. They have only one campus but offer a variety of courses through their 6 schools. These include business, nursing, education, health sciences, occupational health, and information technology classes.

Contact Us
Tel no 087 821 1109
Fax no +27 (0) 12 807 7165
Email [email protected]

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Management College of South Africa

The Management College of South Africa (MANCOSA)  is one of the private colleges that offers various fields of management studies. These include business, management, and other related studies. The students can enroll in any of these fields for undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programs. The MANCOSA Institute focuses on the quality education of their students. They combine theory with practical work so that the students’ knowledge is enhanced and they make their careers.

South Africa
Telephone +27 31 300 7200
Email [email protected]

Stenden University South Africa

It is a campus of Stenden University of Applied Sciences which is situated in Northerland. University offers the business administration, tourism management, hospitality management, and environmental management courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The main focus of the university is to provide an education that is hands-on and related to the real world and industrial examples. They provide a unique, modern, and peaceful environment to their students. Stenden University also promote education internationally and attract a large number of outsider. Many students from other countries and cultures come to join them.

Name Ronel Bartlett
Position Student Affairs and Marketing Manager
Telephone 076 533 1882

St Augustine College of South Africa

It’s an independent private college in South Africa that offers many fields of study for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Their program of philosophy and theology is the main source of College popularity.

They offer bachelor’s and master’s programs for philosophy and theology. The College provides a rigorous environment to its students so that students can deeply engage in their study of philosophy and theology. The College has many other branches in South Africa that offer many other courses

Contact Information
Email [email protected]
Tel 011 380 9000

Private universities in South Africa represent a dynamic and vital component of the country’s higher education landscape. They offer a wealth of educational opportunities to students, providing an alternative to public institutions with their unique programs, smaller class sizes, and often, state-of-the-art facilities.

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