Is Rostec College Funded by NSFAS

Rostec is one of the best and well-known colleges in South Africa which offers a wide range of vocational and technical courses. Many funds receiving students also want to enroll in Rostec College but confused Is Rostec College Funded by NSFAS or not. So here you get all the information and the relationship between them. How they collaborate and provide quality education to deserving students.

Is Rostec College Funded by NSFAS?

The availability of NSFAS funding can significantly impact a student’s decision when choosing institutions like Rostec College, making the question, Is Rostec College Funded by NSFAS? a common one in educational discussions? Yes, Rostec College is also funded by NSFAS because both have collaborated so that they combine to promote education for low-income families. Now Rostec College offers eligible students to apply for admission through NSFAS so that their study and other expenses are easily covered.

Eligibility Criteria for NSFAS Funding at Rostec College

The students who want to enrol in Rostec College with NSFAS Funding must fulfil the criteria that are defined by Rostec College and NSFAS. The defined and specified eligibility criteria include these requirements;

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of South Africa or hold the Citizenship of South Africa.
  • Applicant must enrol in Rostec College for a full-time course.
  • Applicants have to show their financial status as defined by the NSFAS.
  • Applicant must be eligible for the selected program and have the best academic record.

Is Rostec College Funded by NSFAS

Application procedure

If you are applying for admission, then follow this step-by-step guide;

  • Check Application Window

Always keep an eye on the Office of Financial Aid and NSFAS website. So that you stay updated about the application open and close dates. In this way, all the upcoming events must be in your knowledge.

  • Prepare Require Documents

The applicant must gather all the required documents including the South African identity card of the applicant, parents or guardian identity card, all academic results, household income proof, and additional documents according to the circumstances (disability or orphan).

  • Create an NSFAS Account

Visit the official website of NSFAS and register your account if you don’t have one. For account registration enter your personal information, contact number and email, etc.

  • Login and Complete the Application

When your account is successfully registered then login to your account. Now fill out and Submit your application after filling in all the required fields. You can also follow nsfas status check.

  • Indicate your Accommodation Needs

During the process of application submission, you may be asked for your accommodation needs.  Fill it accurately according to your needs so that you get the accommodation allowances accordingly.

  • Upload Required Documents

Applicants must have to submit the documents with the application. The required documents are the following;

  • Copy of South African ID card. If not, then the birth certificate.
  • Copy of parents or Guardian ID card.
  • Household income proof that may be a salary slip or pension slip.
  • Application form that is downloaded from NSFAS website, filled and signed.
  • Disabled applicants must have to attach the filled disability form.
  • The orphan child must have to submit the Orphan Declaration form with the application.
  • If the applicant is still in high school, then needs to submit the final result of the 11th
  • If the applicant’s high school is completed then the grade 12th result is required or the National Senior Certificate (NSC) must be submitted. Also, get the information about WCCN Online Application.

Review and Submit Application

Once you fill out the application review it. If you missed any field or find any mistake, then fill in the field or correct your mistake. Then submit it after submitting you receive a message for confirmation that contains a reference number too. Save this reference number for later use.

  • Wait for Outcome

After the successful submission of the application, NSFAS review the application and match with the defined criteria. Then update the application status. You will be informed through your NSFAS account, SMS or email.


Is Rostec College a private or public?

Rostec College is a private educational institute that offers a variety of courses to the students. Now Rostec College has collaborated with the NSFAS to get higher education to low-income families.

Many of the students are often confused Is Rostec College Funded by NSFAS or not. Hope it’s clear now and the students can fulfill their dream of study at Rostec College and easily meet the expenses by NSFAS.

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