How To Unlock NSFAS Account: A Simple Guide

Unlocking your NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) account can be a daunting task, especially when you’re eager to access your funding and continue your studies without interruption. Whether you’re a first-time user struggling with the initial setup or a returning student facing access issues, understanding the process is important. This guide aims to simplify the steps involved in unlocking your NSFAS account, providing clear and concise instructions to help you regain access quickly and efficiently.

How to Unlock NSFAS Account

If your NSFAS account user profile is locked and now you want to unlock it. From the below guidline you can learn the essential steps on how to unlock your NSFAS account.

  • Visit the official webpage of NSFAS that is
  • Now input your ID card number and submit it by clicking on the submit button.
  • After the submission if you receive a message “User Profile doesn’t exist” then you need to re-register.
  • Enter your ID number. Choose “I can’t remember my password” from the dropdown menu and submit it.
  • Enter your registered contact number and email. Then click on “verify”.

They verify you through the provided email and contact number by your access. Follow the instructions that are sent to you and unlock your account profile. Secure your account with a strong password by resetting the password. Also get the idea about NSFAS N+2 Rule.

How to Unlock NSFAS Account User Profile

Steps to Unlock Your NSFAS Account Using Your Phone

If you have to unlock your NSFAS account, then call the NSFAS contact centre. You can unlock your account by following these steps;

  • Contact The NSFAS Contact Center

You must need to request the NSFAS to unlock your NSFAS account by Calling the NSFAS Contact Center. Call to NSFAS contact center by dialing 0800 067 327 number.

  • Provide your Details

Give them your information including your identity card number, and NSFAS account reference number. Because this information is useful for locating and unlocking your account.

  • Follow the instruction

When you call to NSFAS Contact Center they ask you about the security questions and the answers verify your identity. They will give you some instructions for unlocking the account.

  • Waiting for Confirmation

After following the instructions of the NSFAS centre now you have to wait for the unlocking of the NSFAS account by the confirmation message. This process may take some hours or days depending on the unlock requests. You can Stay updated on any changes to your funding by regularly monitoring your my NSFAS status .

Unlock NSFAS Account Via Email

If your account is still locked or you face some difficulties, then you have to contact the NSFAS by email. You can write and send email by following these steps;

  • Email Writing

Write a mail to NSFAS at their email address with all the details so that it is processed soon and you unlock your account easily.

  • Provided Details

While writing an account unlocking email to NSFAS provide them with all these details;

  • Mention your identity card number.
  • Write your full name with your surname.
  • Your mobile phone number is registered with the NSFAS account.
  • Your working email is linked with the NSFAS account.
  • Your current physical address and the postal address.
  • Write a detailed note on your problem.
  • Send an Email

Send a mail to their email address [email protected] with the subject “Unlock NSFAS Account” and add all details. You can also check the list of Private Universities In South Africa.

Reasons why my NSFAS account locked

The NSFAS account is locked due to unauthorized access. If you try to log in to your NSFAS account and continuously enter incorrect data. On the third attempt, your account is locked. The system recognized it as an unauthorized person trying to log in to the system so that he/she gets all your data. It happens due to the security reasons. Your account is locked and no one can access it even you too. Always save your account ID and password to avoid account locking.

How to Unlock NSFAS Account User Profile is a common problem that many NSFAS users face. Your account is locked due to the security reasons. If you make attempts to log in to the system but fail, then your account profile is locked because the system takes it as an unauthorized person. You can easily unlock your account by call, email, or web portal. Just follow the procedure.

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