CAO Status Check 2024 (Central Applications Office)

Every year a large of students submit their applications through CAO. They have to submit a single application against multiple institutes. CAO Status Check is important for many applicants but they often don’t know what is CAO status, how can they check their Central Applications Office (CAO) application status 2024, what the status means, etc. After reading this your confusions are clear so continue the reading.

CAO Status Check 2024

CAO stands for Central Application Office which allows the student to apply for multiple educational institutes with a single application. It processed undergraduate course applications for various colleges and universities. But in this article, we will only guide you about CAO Status Check 20234. So it plays the role of the application clearing house. It is also an organization that manages the points of an applicant that are useful for ranking the applicants of oversubscribed courses.

How to Check CAO Application Status Online?

You can check the status of your Central Applications Office (CAO) application through their portal. Just follow these steps and check the application status;

  • Visit their official website by this link. A new page opens. OR directly move to the application page by clicking on this link.
  • Select any identification number from these;
  • CAO Number
  • ID Number
  • Passport Number
  • Enter your identification number.
  • Now click the submit button.

Central Applications Office CAO Status Check


CAO Application Status Meaning

The application status changes from time to time which is useful for the students to determine their application process. Central Application Office uses various terms for the status specification that are sometimes difficult for the applicant to identify. So some of the status meanings are defined here;

  • Waiting for a Decision

This is a default status which means that the institute hasn’t considered your application yet.

  • Please Supply Academic Records

Your application is in waiting due to your missing academic records. So provide them a copy of your previous academic records.

  • Awaiting Result

The institute is waiting for your further results. After that, they decide on your application.

  • Late Application

It means that the applicant was late because the application was received after the program’s closing date. But it’s a default status because every institute handles the late application differently. Check Thekwini TVET College Online Application dates.

  • Firm Offer

It means that a place is offered to you by the institute. But if your results are not good like the previous one or you don’t accept the position then your place may be withdrawn.

  • Program Closed

It means that no more applications are considered furthermore.

  • Refer for Decision

Means that the application must be accessed before any change.

  • Conditional Offer

It means that the applicant meets the requirements and the institute accepts him. But if more students are qualified then the defined. Then an assessment test is held and those students are enrolled who passed the final test.

  • Regret Program Discontinued

It means that the institute doesn’t offer this program anymore but it is mentioned in the handbook. So the institute may offer you an alternative program. You can apply for it without any cost just by changing your mind and filling out the Change of Mind Request Form.

  • Interview/ Audition/ Portfolio

This status shows that the institute follows a selection procedure. You are informed about the date, day, time, and venue. You can also contact them for details.

  • Short Listed, Standby, and Wait Listed
  • Has not Meet Program Ranking Criteria

It means that you didn’t meet the criteria that are defined by the institute. You can contact the institute or overview their prospectus for further information.

  • Please Supply USAf/ SAQA Evaluation

It means that your result in a foreign exam needs to be verified or evaluated by the USAf (University of South Africa) or SAQA.

  • Unsuccessful Following Placement Test/ Interview

It means that the institute doesn’t offer a place to you after the interview or entrance test. The institute may inform you that they are not able to accept your request through messages.

CAO Status Check 2024 is the best way to stay updated on the application status. Applicants can easily check it through the portal just by their identity information. Now you can understand the application status too. That is also beneficial for the students. So stay happy with your education.

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